Leonessa Group

The Companies in the Leonessa Group

La Leonessa has been part of the Leonessa Group for several years. There are now another three companies in the group: La Leonessa north america, Fad Assali, and Leonessa Brevini Yancheng.

The Leonessa Group was created upon an analysis of the “common” market. Its mission is that of being a partner to its clients, who are not only looking for products, but also “turnkey” solutions in the field of primary equipment, both industrial and agricultural.

Thus the range of "products" and the offer of services (from customised design, to integrated logistics, to post-sales assistance) have been integrated to create a commercial network that is coordinated so that experiences “in the field” are pooled.

We have a branch in the USA that operates in all areas of America:
La Leonessa North America. The company is located in Indiana and distributes all our products. It is also able to guarantee, as is the parent company, all the typical services that characterize us: the drive in searching for clients and our before and after sales service.


Since the end of 2010 Fad Assali s.p.a has come back as a member
of La Leonessa Group and it produces axles and complete suspensions for industrial applications and for the biggest Italian and foreign manufacturers of agricultural machines. The 80% of its production
is dedicated to the international markets and is characterized by highly qualified and innovative products which are supported by an efficient R&D and by a deep attention to the quality. Furthermore, Fad Assali has got its test benches for heavy duty and its own forging system inside its plant placed in Carpenedolo (BS). Fad Assali is therefore able to satisfy all the high performance requests coming from its customers. The acquisition of Fad is at the end part of a bigger project of a group synergy. For any further information please visit our website FAD ASSALI where you can find more detailed technical information about our products.


Leonessa Brevini Yancheng was founded by the Joint Venture between two prestigious companies in the sector: LEONESSA BREVINI YANCHENG La Leonessa spa and Brevini Power Transmission Spa. The company is located in Yancheng, 300 km north from Shanghai. Spread over 37,000 sqm of which 8,000 sqm are covered. Leonessa Brevini Yancheng will be specialized in the production of slewing rings with outside diameter from 400 to 4000 mm with the highest know-how level of our companies. The slewing rings manufactured in Leonessa Brevini Yannchen will be used mainly for Wind Mills market.

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