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Guarantee on slewing rings

The slewing ring must never be subjected to loads greater than its load capacity, which is specified in the technical documentation. The slewing ring, being an important part of the machine, should be handled with care and particular attention should be paid during all the stages of assembly and maintenance, because the best working conditions and durability of the La Leonessa product can be obtained by applying the contents of this manual. We recommend that assembly and maintenance only be carried out by competent staff. We accept no responsibility if the contents of this manual is not applied, or for an improper use of the product, for incorrect use or tampering such as:

  • Modifications to the product such as holes, turnings, soldering.
  • Use of elastic washers for the fixing of bolts, or of washers that are not flat.
  • Use of bolts that are not compatible with the fixing holes of the ring.
  • Disassembly of the plug and of balls / rollers.
  • Damage caused by carelessness or accidents.

Returned materials that are considered faulty, must be returned at the expense of the client. If upon examination a manufacturing fault is acknowledged, La Leonessa will either repair or replace the product without any compensation for damages or costs, either direct or indirect, of any nature and for any reason.
La Leonessa, without prior warning, reserves the right to make, at any time, any technical modifications to its products that originate from any developments.

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